FotoFirst is a special segment of the FotoRoom platform dedicated to photography projects that were never published in a photo magazine before. Over the years many talented emerging photographers have chosen us as the first place to showcase their new work publicly, which is something that always makes us feel honored and grateful. Below is the list of 5 favorite projects that premiered on FotoFirst in 2018, and further below you can find a list of all the other photographers who were included in FotoFirst this year. (Would you like to premiere your new project in FotoFirst too? Let us take a look and we will consider it for publication!)

The Fragility of Fatherhood © Troy Colby
The Fragility of Fatherhood by Troy Colby
It So Happens That the World Is Not What It Seems © Katarzyna Wasowska and Krystian Daszkowski
It So Happens That the World Is Not What It Seems by Katarzyna Wasowska and Krystian Daszkowski
Men of Men © Tyler Roste
Men of Men by Tyler Roste
50 favorite images feautred on FotoRoom in 2018
A Blurry Aftertaste by Eleonora Agostini
Morning Star © Marshall Scheuttle
Morning Star by Marshall Scheuttle

Here are the links to the all the other photographers included in FotoFirst in 2018. Thank you all for choosing FotoRoom to launch your projects publicly!

Half-Light by Shahrzad Darafsheh
Delta by Camilla de Maffei
— Jesus, the Yugoslavs and the Creation of the World by Vedad Divovic
I Used to Believe That I Could Be the Next Larry Bird by David Robert Elliott
Jiu Valley by Kevin Faingnaert
Beyond What Is Written by Harry Flook
295 Kilometers by Martin Friedrich
Still Here, Still Conscious by Mark Griffiths
Emerald by Kenny Hurtado
Through the Walls by Matthieu Litt
— But the Eyes Are Blind and One Must Look With the Heart by Terry Ratzlaff
Magdalena by Felipe Romero
Becoming a Fencer by Paola Serino
Wild Rose by Landon Speers
Chrysalises by Guillaume Tomasi
— Days Spent with Pretend Family by Dennese Victoria
Because We Die by Taryn Ward

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