While not all the photographers featured in FotoRoom are selected from spontaneous submissions, over the years we have published the works of many, many photographers who reached out to us and showed us their projects, so please feel free to submit your own: we’ll definitely take a look. We always do.

Also, don’t feel like your project isn’t a good fit for FotoRoom. Maybe it’s not, but let us decide. We’ve featured photography of all kinds, from portraiture to reportages to mobile photography… you never know. Seriously, don’t overthink it—just submit.

How to submit

We don’t have any specific rules about submitting your work, except for this one: do not attach anything to your email. Include a link to your website instead, or to a folder containing the photographs you want to submit on services like Dropbox or Google Drive. These are nice for us because we can take a quick look without downloading any files. If you can’t or don’t know how to use Dropbox and the likes, go for something like WeTransfer. But please, no attachments. Send your submission to this email address, and please use FotoRoom Submission as the subject.

Please note that the FotoRoom website is currently not being updated, but we are updating our Instagram page, so we’re currently featuring any selected submissions on Instagram only.


FotoFirst has become a staple of FotoRoom. Many photographers have chosen to premiere their work on our platform, something that makes us feel very grateful and humbled. If you like what we do and you too would be happy to present your new project on FotoRoom, please feel free to submit!

PS. By “new project” we mean a project previously unpublished in a photography magazine, be it in print or online. You’re still eligible for FotoFirst if the work is already on your website or was exhibited in a gallery.

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