A new year has just started, but before we wrap 2017 up we’d like to share with you a selection of projects we’ve featured in the past 12 months that we particularly liked, so you can take a second look in case you missed them (by the way, you can subscribe to our weekly newsletter to make sure you never skip anything). In the next few days we will also share the 10 best works that premiered on FotoFirst and the 10 best projects shot in black and white. Stay tuned!

In 2017 we’ve published nearly 200 different works: narrowing them down wasn’t easy, since of course we believe every project we choose to showcase in FotoRoom is a strong one. In fact, we would like to take the opportunity to thank all the photographers we’ve featured for sharing their images with us and wish them and all of our readers a happy 2018!

Inshallah by Roger Grasas

Inshallah © Roger Grasas


Martha by Siân Davey

Martha © Sian Davey


Ilona et Maddalena by Sandra Mehl

Ilona and Maddalena © Sandra Mehl


Family Tree by Glen Erler

Family Tree © Glen Erler


Dopo Roma by Jesús Madriñán

Dopo Roma © Jesus Madrinan


I Zii by Linda Brownlee

I Zii © Linda Brownlee


The New Village by John Spinks

The New Village © John Spinks


Shared by Nelli Palomäki

Shared © Nelli Palomäki


I Love You, I’m Leaving by Matt Eich

I Love You, I'm Leavin © Matt Eich


If This Is True by Robin de Puy

If This Is True © Robin De Puy


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