We particularly appreciate the use of black and white in contemporary photography projects when the photographer chooses to shoot in black and white not for the sake of it or to make their images timeless, but because the absence of color fits the story in the pictures or contributes to a certain visual style. Today we’re happy to share with you 10 such projects of all those shot in black and white that we featured on FotoRoom in 2017 (also take a look at our 10 absolute favorites and the 10 best projects that premiered on FotoFirst).

Kin by Emily Schiffer

Kin © Emily Schiffer


Hayati by Karim El Maktafi

Hayati © Karim El Maktafi


Origins by Rachel Jump

Origins © Rachel Jump


The Black Mountain by Antoine Bruy

La Montagne Noire © Antoine Bruy


Karawan by Bastiaan Woudt

Karawan © Bastiaan Woudt


How Is Life? by Hannes Jung

How Is Life? © Hannes Jung


Jasper by Matthew Genitempo

Jasper © Matthew Genitempo


Becoming a Specter by Daniel Coburn

Becoming a Specter © Daniel Coburn


I Love You, I’m Leaving by Matt Eich

I Love You, I'm Leavin © Matt Eich


If This Is True by Robin De Puy

If This Is True © Robin De Puy


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