Yesterday we shared with you a selection of 10 FotoRoom favorite projects out of all those we’ve featured in 2017. Today we’d like to celebrate the 10 best series that have premiered in FotoFirst, the FotoRoom section devoted to showcasing never before published projects. The fact that talented photographers choose FotoRoom to share their new series with the international photography community is an honor for us, so we’d like to thank these photographers and invite anyone who has previously unseen work under their belt to submit as well.

My Dad for a While by Ginebra Peña Gimeno

My Dad for a While © Ginebra Peña Gimeno


Hayati by Karim El Maktafi

Hayati © Karim El Maktafi


Remains of a Soviet Utopia by Arne Piepke and Ingmar Björn Nolting

Remains of a Soviet Utopia © Arne Piepke and Ingmar Nolting


Dopo Roma by Jesús Madriñán

Dopo Roma © Jesus Madrinan


Follemente by Federico Aimar

Follemente © Federico Aimar


The Drake by Tamara Reynolds

The Drake © Tamara Reynolds


Creek by Joanna Kulesza

Creek © Joanna Kulesza


Jasper by Matthew Genitempo

Jasper © Matthew Genitempo


The Burning Lake by Felix von der Osten

The Burning Lake © Felix von der Osten


Becoming a Specter by Daniel Coburn

Becoming a Specter © Daniel Coburn


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