It’s a FotoRoom tradition: every 8 March, the date on which the world celebrates International Women’s Day, we share a list of 10 female photographers you should keep an eye out on, selected from all those we’ve featured during the year. We’ve done it in 2015 and 2016, we’re doing it again in 2017. Of course, we recommend you take a look at all the talented female photographers whose work we’ve published in FotoRoom (follow this link for a curated archive); we’ve selected the names below because these women in particular have demonstrated consistent talent across multiple projects. Enjoy!

Villa Argentina © Arunà Canevascini
Arunà Canevascini — From her series Villa Argentina
Martha © Sian Davey
Siân Davey — From her series Martha
Half in Two © Kathryn Harrison
Kathryn Harrison — From her series Half in Two
Transparency Is the New Mystery © Mayumi Hosokura
Mayumi Hosokura — From her series Transparency Is the New Mystery
Indefinitely © Katrin Koenning
Katrin Koenning — From her series Indefinitely
Connected © Amy Lombard
Amy Lombard — From her series Connected
Youth Without Age, Life Without Death © Laura Pannack
Laura Pannack — From her series Youth Without Age, Life Without Death
A Spectacle and Nothing Strange © Ahndraya Parlato
Ahndraya Parlato — From her series A Spectacle and Nothing Strange
Selected Works © Missy Prince
Missy Prince
Diaspora: Costa Chica © Cécile Smetana
Cécile Smetana — From her series Diaspora: Costa Chica

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