To celebrate International Women’s Day, we have made a selection of ten photography projects we recently featured, made by ten talented female photographers.

Happy International Women’s Day to each and every one of our female readers! To celebrate your day, we have decided to dig up from our archives a selection of ten photography projects by talented female photographers, with a focus on less recent features. Hope you will enjoy it! 

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Dina Oganova — I am Georgia

I Am Georgia © Dina Oganova

Federica Valabrega — These Women Live in the Shadow of Men Because of Their Faith

© Federica Valabrega - Daughters of the King

Wenxin Zhang — Five Nights, Aquarium

Five Nights, Aquarium © Wenxin Zhang

Clémentine Schneidermann — The Elvis Nostalgia

elvisshop 001

Anaïs Boileau — Retired and Loving it

© Anais Boileau

Meeri Koutaniemi — The Shame of Female Genital Cutting

Taken © Meeri Koutaniemi
Nasirian will be shaved a day before the circumcision in a Masai-village in Kenya.

Ying Ang — Gold Coast

Gold Coast © Ying Ang

Amy Elkins — The Heart-Wrenching Last Words of Death-Sentenced Inmates

Parting Words © Amy Elkins

Leila Alaoui — The Moroccans

The Moroccans © Leila Alaoui

Camille Vivier


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