In 2018 we were lucky to have featured many talented photographers who were happy to share their works on FotoRoom, in some cases for the first time publicly as part of our FotoFirst section. This list presents (in no particular order) a group of projects we particularly loved, but we’d like to take the opportunity to thank all the photographers who contributed their work to FotoRoom this year. We look forward to another year of quality contemporary photography projects!

Svalbard, an Arcticficial Life by Julia de Cooker
Furnishing the Sacred by Boglarka Zellei
Melanie by Vincent Gouriou
Men of Men © Tyler Roste
Men of Men by Tyler Roste
Moldova Elsewhere © Alfredo Covino
Moldova Elsewhere by Alfredo Covino
Someday I'll Find the Sun © John-David Richardson
Someday I’ll Find the Sun by John-David Richardson
You Don’t Look Native to Me by Maria Sturm
God Has No Favourites by Lauren Forster
The Hawks Come Up Before the Sun by Kovi Konowiecki
Morning Star © Marshall Scheuttle
Morning Star by Marshall Scheuttle

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