Fotografia’s top article of this February was French photographer Julien Lombardi‘s wonderful photographs from Armenia, the most under-represented of the post-Soviet countries. Polish photographer Igor Pisuk follows with his dark, intense self-portraits and pictures of his daily life as a recovering alcohol addict.

The bronze medal goes to American photographer Anna Shimshak with her stunning photographs of clergymen and vowed women religious. Then there’s German photographer Jörg Brüggemann, who offers a powerful angle to the current depiction of the migrant crisis. Finally, American photographer Ewan Telford makes the top five with Rock Salt, his series about a declining mining town in California which premiered on Fotografia in FotoFirst.

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Brilliat Photographs of Armenia Capture the Country’s State of Transition

The Unfinished © Julien Lombardi

How Photography Saved Igor Pisuk from His Alcohol Addiction

Deceitful Reverence © Igor Pisuk

Ecstatic Photos of Religious Catholics Interrogate the Relationship between Spirituality and Physicality

The Religious © Anna Shimshak

Startling Photos Juxtapose the Tourists and Refugees on the Greek Island of Kos

Tourists vs. Refugees © Jörg Brüggemann

FotoFirst – Inside Trona, a Ghost Mining Town Dissolving in the Mojave Desert

Rock Salt © Ewan Telford

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