Female photographers beat male photographers 4-1 in our list of the five most seen posts published in Fotografia throughout this July.

#1 is American photographer Jeanne Donegan with Swell, a series of photographs loaded with the mood and traces of the after part of sex. Donegan is followed by British photographer Thom Pierce, who took impressive portraits of the men that ride their horses across the mountains of Lesotho wrapped up in blankets and balaclavas. Vietnamese photographer Thy Tran ranks third with Cacher, an elusive portrayal of her relationship with a woman. Next up are American photographer Nydia Blas: her Girls Who Spun Gold are a group of black teenage girls who sat for a series of captivating portraits made by Nydia. Finally, French photographer Delphine Schacher makes the list with Bois Des Frères, a beautiful work entirely shot in natural light that documents the daily lives of the expat workers who live together at the outskirts of Geneva, Switzerland.

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Swell © Jeanne Donegan
Swell — Jeanne Donegan Captures the Signs of a Woman’s Post Orgasmic State
The Horsemen of Semonkong © Thom Pierce
FotoFirst — Horses, Blankets and Balaclavas: Stunning Portraits of Lesotho’s Horsemen
Cacher © Thy Tran
FotoFirst — Thy Tran Visualizes Her Struggles to Affirm Her Homosexuality
The Girls Who Spun Gold © Nydia Blas
FotoFirst — Nydia Blas Celebrates the Femininity and “Right to Pleasure” of Black Teenage Girls
Bois des Frères © Delphine Schacher
Delphine Schacher Photographs the Expat Workers Living Together in the Outskirts of Geneva

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