Of the series we featured this month in Fotografia, the most seen was Farang, a set of photographs which captures a range of very diverse and unrelated scenes witnessed by Italian photographer Francesco Merlini during his travels, but bound together by Francesco’s gritty black&white.

Second most seen was the work of another Italian photographer, Michele Sibiloni: we shared with you Michele’s portrayal of the wild nights out in Kampala, Uganda’s capital city, now available in the Fuck It photobook. Next was Australian photographer Katrin Koenning‘s beautiful and poetic photographs that celebrate the beauty of the world as an antidote to being distant to the ones we love. Polish photographer Marta Zgierska follows with Post, a body of work which explores the impact of traumatic events through a series of symbolic and carefully crafted still lifes. Finally, among the most seen posts of this April was the work of Hungarian photographer Alíz Veronika Ács, who combines very interesting reflections on what we might intend as witchcraft in contemporary societies with intriguing experimentations with the physical photographs.

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Farang © Francesco Merlini
Dark, Cryptic, Sometimes Gruesome: the Visual Epiphanies of Francesco Merlini
Fuck It © Michele Sibiloni
Fuck It – Michele Sibiloni Documents the Non-Stop Nightlife in Kampala, Uganda
Indefinitely © Katrin Koenning
Katrin Koenning Fills the Distance between Her and Her Relatives with Poetic Photographs
Post © Marta Zgierska
Post – Marta Zgierska Puts in Pictures the Impact of Traumatic Events
Walpurg © Áliz Veronika Ács
Who’s the Witch Now? Áliz Veronika Ács Surveys the Idea of Witchcraft in Contemporary Societies

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