The beginning of a new month is a good time to look back at the content we’ve shared in the previous month, and see what you liked best. In June 2016, the most seen article on Fotografia was South Korean photographer June Korea‘s staged photographs of his imagined relationship with a real sex doll, Eva.

Second most seen was French photographer Edouard Sepulchre‘s series of pictures that reveal an unexpected side to Paris’ urban environment. Third up: the mesmerizing abstract images that Hungarian photographer Attila Floszmann obtained using Google Earth. American photographer Jon Horvath follows with This Is Bliss, an excellent project that captures the demise of the American West myth. Belgian photographer Youqine Lefèvre closes this top five with her touching portraits of the young guests of a home for children far from their families. As a final note, it’s nice to see that three out of June’s five most seen projects premiered on Fotografia in FotoFirst!

Take a second look at last month’s five most seen posts, and see here for the most seen lists of earlier months. Sign up to our weekly newsletter to make sure you don’t miss one bit of our content!

Still Lives: Eva © June Korea
June Korea Shows Us His Fantasy Love Relationship with His Sex Doll Eva
Color Cube © Edouard Sepulchre
Paris Doesn’t Look Like Paris in These Constructivist Photos by Edouard Sepulchre
Unknown Landscapes © Attila Floszmann
FotoFirst – Attila Floszmann Uses Google Earth to Create Unexpectedly Beautiful Landscapes
This Is Bliss © Jon Horvath
FotoFirst – Jon Horvath Looks at the American West Myth From the Small Town of Bliss
Far from Home © Youqine Lefèvre
FotoFirst – Touching Portraits of Children in a Foster Home by Youqine Lefèvre

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