Happy International Women’s Day to all FotoRoom’s female readers! In 2020 we continue our tradition of releasing a 8 March list of ten women photographers whose work we’ve published over the last 12 months to celebrate female photographic talent; but this year we’re also excited to remind you that we’re currently running a FotoRoomOPEN call for women only: the winner may be picked up for representation by New York based, all-female agency ACN studio (find out more and submit your work).

On to the list now! The featured photographers are ordered alphabetically, and whenever possible (which is almost in all cases) we’ve chosen pictures from their respective works that have women as subjects.

Kristina Borinskaya (image from her series Love and Anguish)

Love and Anguish © Kristina Borinskaya

Jenia Fridlyand (image from her series Entrance to Our Valley)

Entrance to Our Valley © Jenia Fridlyand

Karolina Gembara (image from her series When we lie down, grasses grow from us)

When we lie down, grasses grow from us © Karolina Gembara

Laura Ghezzi (image from her series Adagio)

Adagio © Laura Ghezzi

Tealia Ellis Ritter (image from her series The Model Family)

The Model Family © Tealia Ellis Ritter

Sarah Pannell (image from her series Tabriz to Shiraz)

Tabriz to Shiraz © Sarah Pannell

Birthe Piontek (image from her series Abendlied)

Abendlied © Birthe Piontek

Arpita Shah (image from her series Nalini)

Nalini © Arpita Shah

Olga Sokal (image from an untitled series)

Lynch, Appalachia © Olga Sokal

Polly Tootal (image from her series The Hands That Built This City)

The Hands That Built This City © Polly Tootal

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