We’re very proud of FotoFirst, a space we created on FotoRoom to present new works that were never published in a photo magazine before; and it makes us feel very honored when photographers choose to premiere their projects on our platform (we’d be happy to showcase your new work, too—just show it to us!). In 2016, we’ve launched about 60 new series; here are ten we especially liked, in no particular order:

Inside Trona, a Ghost Mining Town Dissolving into the Mojave Desert
Photos by Ewan Telford

Rock Salt © Ewan Telford

László Gábor Belicza Captures His Nephew’s Mourning for the Loss of His Father
Photos by László Gábor Belicza

Whole © László Gábor Belicza

Amanda James Expresses Her Frustration Being a Mother and a Wife
Photos by Amanda James

Sweet Little Lies © Amanda James

Jon Horvath Looks at the American West Myth from the Small Town of Bliss
Photos by Jon Horvath

This Is Bliss © Jon Horvath

Nydia Blas Celebrates the Femininity and “Right to Pleasure” of Black Girls
Photos by Nydia Blas

The Girls Who Spun Gold © Nydia Blas

Philipp Gallon, a German in the US, Shows Us the Face of Rural America
Photos by Philipp Gallon

An Anthology of Common Conversation © Philipp Gallon

Tommy Keith Portrays the Remote Community that Has Come to Be His Home
Photos by Tommy Keith

Don't Forget to Wave © Tommy Keith

Kathryn Harrison Portrays Her Beloved Schizophrenic Brother
Photos by Kathryn Harrison

Half in Two © Kathryn Harrison

Clemens Fantur Brings Back Lovely Photographs from His Trip to the Philippines
Photos by Clemens Fantur

Aurora Cordial © Clemens Fantur

Artist Duo Hart+Lëshkina Visually Explore the Idea of Impermanence
Photos by Hart+Lëshkina

Beyond the Clouds © Hart+Lëshkina

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