Yesterday we revealed the ten most popular features we published here on FotoRoom in 2016. It includes a tight selection of works, so by all means be sure to check it out if you haven’t yet; but the number of times an article gets seen is often related to how many times it gets shared on social media or picked up by other sites, which is a process that depends on several variables. So we’ve decided to also create a list of ten editors’ picks to make sure you’re *really* not skipping on any of the very best of FotoRoom‘s 2016. Here they are, in no particular order:

Katrin Koenning Fills the Distance between Her and Her Relatives with Poetic Photographs
Photos by Katrin Koenning

Indefinitely © Katrin Koenning

Come on a Journey to the World’s First Entirely Green City (in the Middle of the Desert) 
Photos by Etienne Malapert

The City of Possibilities © Etienne Malapert

Alexander Missen Tracks Down the Symbols of American Culture
Photos by Alexander Missen

Q&A © Alexander Missen

Post — Marta Zgierska Puts in Pictures the Impact of Traumatic Events
Photos by Marta Zgierska

Post © Marta Zgierska

How Photography Saved Igor Pisuk from His Alcohol Addiction
Photos by Igor Pisuk

Deceitful Reverence © Igor Pisuk

Gregory Halpern on his Los Angeles Photos Published in New, Beautiful Photobook ‘ZZYZX’
Photos by Gregory Halpern

ZZYZX © Gregory Halpern

Ecstatic Photos of Religious Catholics Interrogate the Relationship between Physicality and Spirituality
Photos by Anna Shimshak

The Religious © Anna Shimshak

Transparency Is the New Mystery — Mayumi Hosokura’s Latest, Mesmerizing Work
Photos by Mayumi Hosokura

Transparency Is the New Mystery © Mayumi Hosokura

Brilliant Photographs of Armenia Capture the Country’s State of Transition
Photos by Julien Lombardi

The Unfinished © Julien Lombardi

Horsehead Nebula — On a Journey to the Breathtaking Landscapes of Faristan
Photos by Matthieu Litt

Horsehead Nebula © Matthieu Litt

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