Happy International Women’s Day to all of our female readers! Like every year on this day, we’ve put together our traditional list of ten female photographers you should know. The featured artists were chosen from all the female photographers whose work was published on FotoRoom since last year’s 8 March—when we released the 2017 edition of this list—and they were selected based on their overall practice (not just the works that appeared on FotoRoom). Browse the list below, and again: happy Women’s Day!

I Zii © Linda Brownlee
Linda Brownlee — From her series ‘I Zii’
Being Queer. Feeling Muslim. © Lia Darjes
Lia Darjes — From her series ‘Being Queer. Feeling Muslim’
Svalbard, an Arcticficial Life © Julia de Cooker
Julia de Cooker — From her series ‘Svalbard, an Arcticficial Life © Julia de Cooker’
If This Is True © Robin De Puy
Robin de Puy — From her series ‘If This Is True’
Forever © Nele Gülck
Nele Gülck — From her series ‘Forever’
Locals © Olya Ivanova
Olya Ivanova — From her series ‘Locals’
Origins © Rachel Jump
Rachel Jump — From her series ‘Origins’
Ilona and Maddalena © Sandra Mehl
Sandra Mehl — From her series ‘Ilona and Maddalena’
In This Place © Margaret Mitchell
Margaret Mitchell — From her series ‘In This Place’
Shared © Nelli Palomäki
Nelli Palomäki — From her series ‘Shared’


Explore the complete list of female photographers we’ve featured in the last 12 months.

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