It comes as no surprise that FotoRoom‘s most seen feature of those we published this March was our recent interview with celebrated American photographer Todd Hido—if you missed it, give it a read and take a look at a portfolio of some of the best images he shot over the first 25 years of his career.

Second most seen was Swiss photographer Arunà Canevascini‘s series Villa Argentina: through surrealist self-portraits, portraits of her mother and still lifes, the work questions the obedient role expected of women in most contemporary societies. Next up is You Are Mine by Russian photographer Mary Gelman: in a way, this project shares common ground with Arunà’s Villa Argentina as it’s a set of portraits of Russian young women victims of intimate partner violence. The fourth most popular series this March was Lovely Planet: Poland, a humorous parody of the well-known travel guide books by German photographer Jakob Ganslmeier. Italian-Moroccan photographer Karim El Maktafi closes the group with Hayati, a fascinating project entirely shot on a smartphone that examines Karim’s multicultural background, and that we were very happy to launch on FotoRoom as a FotoFirst project.

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Intimate Distance © Todd Hido
Intimate Distance by Todd Hido
Villa Argentina © Arunà Canevascini
Villa Argentina by Arunà Canevascini
You Are Mine © Mary Gelman
You Are Mine by Mary Gelman
Lovely Planet: Poland © Jakob Ganslmeier
Lovely Planet: Poland by Jakob Ganslmeier
Hayati © Karim El Maktafi
Hayati by Karim El Maktafi

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