Of all the series we published last February, the most seen was Martha, an intimate portrayal that British photographer Sian Davey is weaving of her teenage daughter.

Second most seen series was Brianza Suburb by Italian photographer Sergio Chiaramonte—the project is a nightly exploration of the ordinary, suburban streets of a northern Italy region. Australian photographer John Feely ranks in third with The Outsider, a photographic travelogue John created during his trips to beautiful and remote Mongolia. Fourth most popular series last February was Dusk to Dawn by French photographer Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy: using cinematic aesthetics, in these images Zacharie transforms Los Angeles into a giant movie set. Finally, Swiss photographer Mira Andres joins the group with The Black Women of Borth, an impressive series that uses a brilliant mix of portraits and landscape photography.

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Martha © Sian Davey
Martha by Sian Davey
Brianza Suburb © Sergio Chiaramonte
Brianza Suburb by Sergio Chiaramonte
The Outsider © John Feely
The Outsider by John Feely
Dusk to Dawn — Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy
Dusk to Dawn by Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy
The Black Crows of Borth © Mira Andres
The Black Crows of Borth by Mira Andres

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