© Alec Soth
© Bruce Gilden
© Christopher Schoonover
© Felicia Honkasalo
© Heather Evans Smith
© Jan Q. Maschinski
© Quentin Shih
© Robert Larson
© Sébastien Tixier
© Yusuf Sevincli

Women of Wall Street, $9 worth of fashion, new work by Alec Soth and much more in the new #fotoweb, our usual collection of ten best photography links we saw on the web the previous week.

Every week, we select ten of our favorite links to photographic series published on the web over the previous seven days. We call it #fotoweb.

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Christopher Schoonover

Thrilling work by American photographer and art director Christopher Schoonover. Via Thisispaper.

© Christopher Schoonover© Christopher Schoonover

Grey Cobalt

Felicia Honkasalo‘s series Grey Cobalt is a survey of objects that belonged to the photographer’s grand-father, who had a thing for rocks and metals… Via Phases.

© Felicia Honkasalo© Felicia Honkasalo

The Genuine American Communities that Still Exist in the Age of Facebook

Alec Soth is back – this is a portfolio of images from his latest photobook, Songbook. Via Wired’s Raw File.

© Alec Soth© Alec Soth


“The photo series, Vortex, presents improbable portraits of individuals in awkward moments, looking stunned or stoned, at once suspended outside of the moment and/or inertly trapped by it”. Truly impressive portraits by Jan Q. Maschinski. Via LensCulture.

© Jan Q. Maschinski© Jan Q. Maschinski

Seen Not Heard

Heather Evans Smith‘s extremely stylized photographs scenes from a bitter tale that explores the love between a mother and her daughter. Via Lenscratch.

© Heather Evans Smith© Heather Evans Smith

Good Dog

Good Dog is the name of a diaristic, poetic photo essay shot by Turkish photographer Yusuf Sevincli. Via FK.

© Yusuf Sevincli© Yusuf Sevincli

9 Dollars Fashion

Chinese photographer Quentin Shih made an entire fashion shoot with only 9$ items. Via Invisible Photographer Asia.

© Quentin Shih© Quentin Shih

Bruce Gilden Photographs the Powerful Women of Wall Street for Vice

Outstanding portraits by top street photographer Bruce Gilden.

© Bruce Gilden© Bruce Gilden

The Summer of Our Lives

Robert Larson has been documenting on film the wild summer vacations spent with his closest friends. Via Burn.

© Robert Larson© Robert Larson


Photographs from a Greenland in transformation by Sébastien Tixier. Via L’Oeil de la Photographie.

© Sébastien Tixier© Sébastien Tixier

And these are Fotografia Magazine‘s updates from last week:

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