How would you like to take part in a 10-month-long masterclass during which you will develop a project with the help of a mentor, consisting of 10 weekends of lectures and workshops in the charming city of Vienna and the possibility to communicate remotely with your mentor for the whole duration of the masterclass? Submit your work to FotoRoom‘s new open call ‘Visual Storytelling’ and you may book your spot in the AnzenbergerMasterclass, a prestigious training platform for emerging photographers that will give you the opportunity to exhibit the project you will create as a result of participating in the masterclass. Read on for all the details:

The Theme — Visual Storytelling

Even though the term ‘visual storytelling’ is quite new, the art of telling stories through images has been practiced since forever. Our earliest ancestors were already using visual arts even when they hadn’t developed a writing system yet; but never before had visual media (photography, picture books, films, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) become such an integral part of our lives. The ability of telling a story with images—be it in a single photograph or a series of pictures—has become fundamental to emerge from today’s flood of banal snapshots” — Regina Maria Anzenberger

You can participate in two categories: Single Image and the new Portfolio category (more on this below). No restrictions apply in terms of the chosen photographic genre, style or approach; in fact, in this instance ‘storytelling’ doesn’t necessarily mean real stories only; projects with a conceptual rather than strictly documentary approach are welcomed as well.

The Juror — Regina Maria Anzenberger

Regina Maria Anzenberger is the founder and director of the AnzenbergerGallery, which opened in Vienna in 2002. The gallery represents the works of established photographers like Roger Ballen and Andrew Phelps, as well as talented new artists like Danila Tkachenko, Brandon Thibodeaux and Alena Zhandarova. The AnzenbergerGallery is only one of the ways in which Regina Maria Anzenberger is involved with the world of photography: in 1989 she founded (and still directs) the AnzenbergerAgency; since 2013 she is the artistic director of the ViennaPhotoBookFestival; and in 2014 she launched the annual AnzenbergerMasterclass for emerging photographers.

The Special Prize — Participate in the AnzenbergerMasterclass and exhibit your work

Regina Maria Anzenberger will select a Best Single Image and a Best Portfolio from all entries submitted to the call. The winning works, as well as a selection of editors’ picks, will appear in FotoRoom.

Like the jurors of our calls always do, Regina is ready to put a special prize on the table: a bursary to attend the 2017/18 edition of the AnzenbergerMasterclass. The AnzenbergerMasterclass is a 10-month cycle of workshops, seminars, etc. (from September 2017 to June 2018) where 16 promising photographers are guided by 4 master photographers during the making of a long-term photographic project. The masterclass will consist of 10 weekends of face-to-face lectures and workshops with the 4 master photographers, to be held in Vienna at the AnzenbergerGallery; but the participants will be able to reach out to the master photographers (via phone, email, Skype, etc.) for the whole of the ten months.

The 4 master photographers are Eugenia Maximova, Andrew Phelps, Klaus Pichler and Reiner Riedler. During the weekends, guests lecturers like Gerry Badger, Martin Kollar, Simon Roberts and Laura El-Tantawy will also review the participants’ work.

Here are some of the things that you can expect to learn by attending the AnzenbergerMasterclass:

— develop ideas and concepts
— gather information and do research
— get started with your project
— implement your concept
— tell a story
— approach people and find places to photograph
— edit and sequence
— make a budget for your project
— present your work and promote your project

All the projects completed by the participants at the end of the masterclass will be exhibited at the 2018 ViennaPhotoBookFestival. Those in particular who will have worked on and completed a dummy book will be able to submit it to the 2018 ViennaPhotoBookReview and get a chance to be selected for the publication of their dummy.

Please visit the AnzenbergerMasterclass website for more details.

Important Notes — Make sure you read this!

Please note that only the winner of the Best Portfolio category is eligible for the special prize (the bursary to participate in the AnzenbergerMasterclass); and that Regina may decide to not assign the prize at all in the case that she—based on her only and exclusive discretion—finds that none of the applicants would be a good fit for the masterclass.

The bursary hereby offered only covers the fee typically applied to participate in the AnzenbergerMasterclass (worth €3.950). The potential winner is expected to make his/her own arrangements and cover all other costs regarding travel and accommodation to stay in Vienna for the 10 weekends mentioned above, including ensuring to have all necessary visas and travel documents.

Who can participate (and the new Portfolio category)

Our first two open calls were divided in two categories: Single Image and Series. Regina Maria Anzenberger asked us to expand the Series category to also accept a selection of the applicant’s best images, not necessarily belonging to the same series. Therefore, the ‘Visual Storytelling’ call is open to all FotoRoom members in the two categories Single Image and Portfolio. FotoRoom’s Amateur members can only enter the Single Image category, while Pro members can enter either the Single Image or Portfolio category—or both—and apply for the special prize.

Becoming a member—starts at €10/year—gives you access to not only this call but also all other FotoRoom‘s calls that will open while you’re a member. So for example if you became a member this May, you could enter any call we’ll launch until next May 2018 (calls are launched on a bi-monthly basis, so that’s six calls a year).

A FotoRoom membership also unlocks other exclusive features including access to FotoCal, searching our full archive and using the mighty heart button to collect your favorite images and projects. Sign up today!

Submission Guidelines

To enter the Single Image category, please send a maximum of 3 pictures.

To enter the Portfolio category, please send a selection of 10-15 pictures, either from the same project or simply a group of what you think are your best images. It’s currently not possible for Pro members to submit more than one series, but they can submit in both the Single Image and Portfolio category.

Whichever category you’re entering, the submitted image(s) should be sent via WeTransfer to calls (at) fotoroom .co (not .com with an ‘m’; just .co!). All submitted images must be in .jpg format and at least 1440px wide; 300dpi is preferable, but 72dpi will work as well.

Also regardless of which category you’re entering, you should send the following information along with the photographs:

1. Your full name;
2. A link to your portfolio website (if you have one);
3. An email address we can use if we need to be in contact;
4. The email address you used to sign up as a FotoRoom member (in case it’s different from the contact email);
5. (Optional but recommended, especially if you’re submitting a series): a short text, introduction or project statement.

Please include these details in a separate document (PDF, Word, OpenOffice, Pages, etc.), NOT in the body of the WeTransfer sending box.

Copyright and terms of use

All submitted images must be in the sole ownership of the entrant and not infringe on the copyright of any other party; full ownership of the copyright for every submitted image remains with its author.

By submitting your images to the ‘Visual Storytelling’ call you grant FotoRoom the possibility to use the submitted images—properly credited—on its website and social media with the exclusive purpose of promoting your work and the FotoRoom platform.

The Deadline

The ‘Visual Storytelling’ call closes next 30 June 2017 at midnight (Central European Time). The juror Regina Maria Anzenberger will shortlist ten entrants by mid-July, and eventually choose a winner from the shortlisted photographers who will confirm that they will be able to attend the 10 face-to-face weekends in Vienna.

Have questions?

Feel free to ask. Good luck to all and we look forward to seeing your submissions!

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