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Photo Julien Pebrel

Good photography never gets old.

Since launching in 2013, we have amassed a fantastic (and growing) archive of contemporary photography works, so rich and varied it includes projects of just about every theme, genre and style—an amazing resource if you’re looking for inspiration for your next series. While all projects are free for everyone to see, we’ve made available only to FotoRoom‘s Pro members a few tools to quickly find the ones that you might be interested in right now.

Custom searches

At the simplest level, Pro members can search our archive by any desired keyword: this works just like a Google search, and will yield all articles containing that keyword as its results.

Archive pages

‘Archive pages’ are pre-defined groups of projects based on a particular characteristic. Are you interested in landscape photography projects? Take a look at the Landscape Photography archive page. Maybe you want to try your hand at portraiture and are looking for some inspiration? The Portraits archive page will help you. Oh wait, you were thinking of staged portraits specifically? Here’s the Staged Portraits archive page for you. You can also find archive pages other than genre-based: dig up series about identity, love, America, children, etc.; or look up what French or African photographers are doing, for example.

The heart button

Once you’ve found a series you love, as a Pro member you can use the mighty heart button to bookmark it and save it in your personal area for quick, future reference!

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