© Alana Celii
© Alejandro Chaskielberg
© Bela Doka
© Bence Bakonyi
© Birte Kaufmann
© Carlos Chavarria
© Daisuke Takakura
© Ines Dumig
© Peter Kaaden
© Piotr Zbierski

Clones, Putin fans, Irish travellers and much more in #fotoweb, our usual collection of best photography links from the previous week.

Every week, we select ten of our favorite links to photographic series published on the web over the previous seven days. We call it #fotoweb.

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Bence Bakoniy is an up and coming photographic artist specialized in extraniating, overexposed images of groups of people enjoying their free time. Via Ain’t Bad Magazine.

© Bence Bakonyi© Bence Bakonyi

Ireland: the Travellers

Photographer Birte Kaufmann has followed a nomadic group which represents Ireland’s largest minority group. Via L’Oeil de la Photographie.

© Birte Kaufmann© Birte Kaufmann

In Transit

After moving from Madrid to San Francisco, Carlos Chavarria started photographing stairs and other elements as symbols of his period of transition. Wonderful colors at work here. Via Phases.

© Carlos Chavarria© Carlos Chavarria

Imagining a World Filled with Clones

And what if there was a thousand other yous? Trippy photos by Daisuke Takakura. Via Slate.

© Daisuke Takakura© Daisuke Takakura

Apart Together

As migration becomes a more and more pressing issue of modern days, photographer Ines Dumig approached the theme in a very unique way, exploring the sense of isolation of a migrant woman. Beautiful work. Via EMAHO.

© Ines Dumig© Inis Dumig

Fan Club Putin

C’mon girls, seriously? Putin? Photos by Bela Doka. Via LensCulture.

© Bela Doka© Bela Doka

Odd Sympathy

Alana Celii introduces elements of mystery and eeriness in domestic environments to symbolize how uncomfortable home can be sometimes. Via Lenscratch.

© Alana Celii© Alana Celii

10 Extreme Close-Up Photos of Everyday Objects

Things that stand for… how do we put this… other things. Made by Peter Kaaden. Via Raw File.

© Peter Kaaden© Peter Kaaden

Love Has to Be Reinvented

I know your deepest secret fear. And you know my deepest secret fear: egoism. Life is the movie directed by the universe“. A series by Piotr Zbierski. Via Der Greif.

© Piotr Zbierski© Piotr Zbierski

Nine Argentinian Photographers You Need to Follow

The title is a bit misleading – it seems to imply “follow on social media”, but it’s more like “nine photographers you need to know”. At any rate, it’s a great list and worth a look. Via Lightbox.

© Alejandro Chaskielberg© Alejandro Chaskielberg

And last week was #EscapeWeek on Fotografia Magazine: 

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