© Aisha Zeijpveld
© Alan Taylor
© Alexandra Soldatova
© Igor Posner
© Lauren Fleishman
© Mads Nissen
© Misty Keasler
© Stephen DiRado
© Steven Brahms
© Tom Blachford

Elderly couples in love, Japan’s sex hotels, Belarus’ bus stops and much more in the new #fotoweb, our usual collection of ten best photography links we saw on the web during the previous week.

Every week, we select ten of our favorite links to photographic series published on the web over the previous seven days. We call it #fotoweb.

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Winners of the World Press Photo

The winners of the 2015 World Press Photo Awards were announced last week. Mads Nissen won the top prize with his photo ‘Jon and Alex’.

© Mads Nissen© Mads Nissen

Photographing a Kiss: Long Time Love Affairs

Lauren Fleishman has made a series of very sweet photos of elderly couple still in love after many years. This is perfect if you’re still in the Valentine mood. Via Time’s Lightbox.

© Lauren Fleishman© Lauren Fleishman

Photographer Imagines What It Looks Like to Run for Your Life

How would you look like if you were desperately running away from something dangerous, like a hurricane or a herd of teenage girls who have mistaken you for Justin Bieber? Photographs by Steven Brahms. Via Wired.

© Steven Brahms© Steven Brahms


Russian photographer Igor Posner explores the condition of immigrants in their daily life, beyond the dramatization which is usually used in works with a similar theme. Via Burn.

© Igor Posner© Igor Posner

Stephen DiRado

An interview and a portfolio of photographs by Stephen DiRado. Via The Heavy Collective.

© Stephen DiRado© Stephen DiRado

Japanese Sex Hotels Cater to All Kinds of Fetishes, Even Hello Kitty S&M

Another good reason to visit Japan! Jokes aside, there’s some very weird stuff in these photographs by Misty Keasler. Via Wired.

© Misty Keasler© Misty Keasler

It Must Be Beautiful

We learn from photographer Alexandra Soldatova that in Belarus “people love when everything looks neat, clean and beautiful”. Alexandra photographed some of the country’s nicely decorated bus stops to attest to this. Via Yet.

© Alexandra Soldatova© Alexandra Soldatova

Humans Landscapes of Canada

Truly extraordinary aerial images of Canada. Screenshot from Google Earth by Alan Taylor. Via The Atlantic.

© Alan Taylor© Alan Taylor

Portraits by Aisha Zeijpveld

Photographer Aisha Zeijpveld made these sort of surrealist portraits using scissors, mirrors and no Photoshop. Via Graine de Photographe.

© Aisha Zeijpveld© Aisha Zeijpveld

Moonlight Modernist Architecture from Photographer Tom Blachford

Tom Blachford brings something very glamorous and to these photographs of modernist houses shot at night in California. Via It’s Nice That (best enjoyed on the photographer’s website).

© Tom Blachford© Tom Blachford

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