© Amy Elkins
© Beth Moon
© Curtis Hamilton
© Georgios Makkas
© Hiroshi Sugimoto
© Kristine Potter
© Marek Wykowky
© Scott Dalton
© Sonya Kydeeva
© Weegee

Every week, we select ten of our favorite links to photographic series published on the web over the previous seven days. We call it #fotoweb.

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Hiroshi Sugimoto’s Full Feature Exposures

Best-known for his seascapes, master of Japanese photography Hiroshi Sugimoto has also shot a series of movie theaters using only the available light from the screen and long exposures. Via Juxtapoz.

© Hiroshi Sugimoto© Hiroshi Sugimoto

Where the River Bends

Only divided by a bridge, the cities of Juaréz, Mexico and El Paso, Texas are however very different. Great photos from one side and the other of the US Southern border by Scott Dalton. Via Lenscratch.

© Scott Dalton© Scott Dalton

The Most Ancient and Magnificent Trees from Around the World

Some of the trees photographed by Beth Moon are no less than 1,5000 years old. Via Wired.

© Beth Moon© Beth Moon

Coming of Age in 21st Century Russia

A long and quite unique photo essay by Sonya Kydeeva about being a teenage boy in modern Russia. Via Dazed.

© Sonya Kydeeva© Sonya Kydeeva

Mean Streets

As Alexis Tsipras and his Syriza party marched towards sweeping the elections in Greece, photographer Georgios Makkas has been photographing the shopfronts of small businesses that had to close due to the country’s profound economic crisis. Via The British Journal of Photography.

© Georgios Makkas© Georgios Makkas

Q&A: Kristine Potter

Beautiful low-contrast black&white images by Kristine Potter about men living in the wild of the American West mountains. Via The Heavy Collective.

© Kristine Potter© Kristine Potter

Weegee’s Classic Photos of New York City Moviegoers in the 1940s

Hurray for Weegee! Via Slate.

© Weegee© Weegee

Curtis Hamilton

Formalist, mundane, black&white, awesome: photography by Curtis Hamilton. Via YET.

© Curtis Hamilton© Curtis Hamilton

Danseur: Portraits of Masculinity

Talented photographer Amy Elkins explores and challenges notions of masculinity portraying young male ballet dancers. Via LensCulture.

© Amy Elkins© Amy Elkins

Principia Dynamica

Could Isaac Newton’s principles of dynamics be used to explain why different societies develop at different rates? Photographs by Marek Wykowky. Via Thisispaper.

© Marek Wykowky© Marek Wykowky


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