Our most seen post this month were American photographer Leah Edelman-Brier‘s powerful photos of her mother and sister – an unsanitized confrontation with what the future holds for her and her body, in particular.

Second up were American photographer Michael Joseph‘s portraits of the USA’s train hoppers, a group of young adults who constantly move throughout the country hopping from one train to another. Subcultures and alternative lifestyles are also at the center of British photographer Owen Harvey‘s work, whose pictures of the UK’s Mods and Skinheads ranked third in this month’s top five. Right behind Harvey we find American photographer Mark Fitton and his subtly provocative photos in which he introduces himself in his parents’ intimacy. Finally, Portuguese photographer Edgar Martins joins the group with his conceptual study of how to represent violent death and suicide in a new way, made in collaboration with Portugal’s Institute of Legal Medicine.

Take a second look at this month’s five most seen posts, and sign up to our weekly newsletter to make sure you don’t miss one bit of our content.

Body Becoming © Leah Edelman-Brier
Leah Edelman-Brier Confronts Her Fear of Becoming Like Her Mother in Brutally Honest Photos
Lost and Found © Michael Joseph
These Are the Faces of America’s Train Riders
Skinheads © Owen Harvey
Owen Harvey Photographs the Mod and Skinhead Subcultures in the UK
Close © Mark Fitton
Mark Fitton Explores New Paths for the Parent-Child Relationship
Siloquies and Soliloquies on Death, Life and Other Interludes © Edgar Martins
Edgar Martins Rethinks the Depiction of Suicide and Violent Death

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