Last 9 November Donald J. Trump became the 45th president of the United States, at the conclusion of an election campaign during which Mr. Trump promised isolationism, promoted both ethnic- and religion-based intolerance, was accused of misogyny and sexism, and even showed appreciation for Vladimir Putin. That’s all so not American, right? He can’t possibly win, can he? Oh, wait.

Last 9 November the entire world, including half of the United States was shocked to find out America was maybe not the place we thought it was. This week on FotoRoom, we will share four different photographic works that explore the USA at large, made in the country during the last few years. None of these projects were intended to portray America in connection with the recent elections, but in sight of Donald Trump replacing Barack Obama at the White House, we felt it made sense to bring together honest representations of the United States and take a second look at the country we all thought we knew so well.

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Part 1Alexander Missen Tracks Down the Symbols of American Culture

Part 2Marta Giaccone Travels to What Is Left of the American Utopian Communities from the 1800s

Part 3Trent Davis Bailey Rediscovers the Valley in Colorado He Used to Visit as a Child

Part 4 Shane Lavalette’s Beautiful Photos Tap into the Music Tradition of the American South

(Cover photo © Alexander Missen)

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Photo Krzysztof Racon

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