The most popular article we published this January was Erik Simander’s Hjordis, I Miss You, a heart-breaking series of photos of his widowed grandfather: the images follow the old man as he struggles to get used to living without his wife.

The second most seen series was Ebb Tide by Tyler Haughey: a Jersey Shore native, Tyler took fascinating photographs of the motel resorts of The Wildwoods, New Jersey, during the off season. Next is Al di Qua delle Montagne [tr. On This Side of the Mountains], Carmen Colombo’s look at suburban life in northern Italy. Also popular this month were Paolo Ventura’s Short Stories—sequences of staged, theatrical images (usually three to five) that Paolo uses to create magical short stories about “disappearance, love, sadness, melancholy and joy”. Finally, Wilma Hurskainen makes the group of January’s five most seen series with her romantic staged portraits of girls and horses, ‘The Woman Who Married a Horse’.

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Hjordis, I Miss You © Erik Simander
Hjordis, I Miss You — Erik Simander Takes Heart-Breaking Photos of His Widowed Grandfather
Ebb Tide © Tyler Haughey
Ebb Tide — Tyler Haughey Shoots Jersey Shore’s 1950s Resorts, During the Off Season
On This Side of the Mountains © Carmen Colombo
Carmen Colombo’s Portraits and Landscapes Capture the Quiet Despair of Living in the Suburbs
The Man in the Suitcase — Short Stories by Paolo Ventura
Paolo Ventura Mixes Theater and Photography in His Mesmerizing ‘Short Stories’
The Woman Who Married a Horse © Wilma Hurskainen
The Women Who Married a Horse — Girls and Horses Pose for Wilma Hurskainen’s New Photobook

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