Dievs Daba Dars © Viktorija Eksta
Mads Nissen

Chinese Americans, pot smokers, homophobia and much more in the new #FotoWeb, our Monday collection of the ten photo links we liked the best during the previous week.

Every week, we select ten of our favorite links to photographic series published on the web over the previous seven days. We call it #FotoWeb.

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The Chinese Americans

A cinematic photo essay about the Chinese living in America, shot by film-maker AnRong Xu. Via Juxtapoz.



A series of diverse, uncanny images by photographer Marie Leroux. Via Phases.


The Wholeness of Disparate Parts: A Conversation with Jason Nocito

Interesting work and an in-depth interview with photographer Jason Nocito. Via The Great Leap Sideways.


Viktorija Eksta

Latvian photographer Viktorija Eksta took these self-portraits in an abandoned country house, using clothes and objects she found there. Via FK.


Meet Colorado’s Pot Smokers

Colorado was the first US country to legalize the recreational use of marijuana – Danielle Levitt photographed the kids who are benefitting from it. Via Lightbox.


Homophobia in Russia

Remember the 2015 World Press Photo of the Year? Here’s a look to the work it belongs to, made by Mads Nissen. Via LensCulture.

Mads Nissen

American Faith

With these intense black&white photos, Christopher Churchill explores the many different faiths – religious and otherwise – of the American citizen. Via Ain’t Bad Magazine.


Portfolio: Cassidy Araiza

Cassidy Araiza creates interesting images with ordinary details. Via YET.


Anastasia Tsayder Captures Enormity of 1980’s Moscow Olympics Decades Later

Go inside the grand stadiums and swimming pools built in Moscow for the 1980s Olympics, and then repurposed or left abandoned after the end of the event. Photos by Anastasia Tsayder (we previously featured her beautiful series Russian Interior). Via It’s Nice That.

Interior of a swimming pool at Moscow Olympiysky Sports Complex. The sports complex completed in 1980 remains the largest stadium in Europe. During Moscow Olympics it hosted tournaments in 22 different disciplines. Currently, apart from being used for sports and musical venues, it hosts offices, bars, clothes market.

For These Post-Soviet Nations, Big Oil Offers Hope and Fear

Photographer Mila Teshaieva traveled to post-Soviet countries like Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan to see how the money coming from the oil industry is changing them. Via WIRED.



And here’s a few highlights from our own posts of last week: 

Yuki Nakamura – Followers


Tasveer – The Struggles of a Muslim American Photographer

Tasveer © Saleem Ahmed

You Will Find These Places Somewhere in England



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