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© Ruben Salgado Escudero

© Ruben Salgado Escudero© Ruben Salgado Escudero

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Transforming Lives in Burma, One Solar Panel at a Time
Ruben Salgado Escudero took magical photographs of how electricity is changing the life of the Burmese population which didn’t previously had access to it. Via Time’s Lightbox.

Circus: a Traveling Life
Circus is a classic topos in photography, and this essay by Norma I. Quintana stands up to the works of master photographers like Bruce Davidson or Diane Arbus. Via LensCulture.

Seeing the Familiar in Black and White
Quirky family photos by photographer Tina Barney, who decided to abandon color and experiment with black and white for this series. Via Slate.

A Limited View of Boys from the Bronx
This is how the Bronx boys looked like in the 1980s, and what they did. Photographs by Stephen Shames. Via NYT’s Lens.

The personal journey of photographer Aras Gokten across the Caucasus and so far as Istanbul. Via Der Greif Magazine.

The Origins of Aerial Photography
Curious to see the first aerial photographs of the history of photography (we’re talking 19th century)?

I Couldn’t Be Anything Else
Tommaso Fiscaletti juxtaposes portraits of young African men to snapshots took by them which depict their recent past. Via Fotovisura.

Andrea Gruetzner found formal, Constructivist beauty in colorful interiors. Via Booooooooooom.

Martin Parr’s Autoportrait
If you know the importance of Martin Parr for contemporary photography and the aura of his character, you will find these extremely kitsch portraits of him irresistible. Via Juxtapoz.

Touching a Nerve with Valerie Phillips and Arvida Bystrom
Photographer Valerie Phillips captures the unconventional beauty of a young girl. Via Dazed Digital.

© Paul Thompson© Paul Thompson

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