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how have you been? We hope you’re all doing great. Today we are stoked to finally unveil our refurbished platform and loop you in on some exciting news.

Fotografia FotoRoom

First things first: we rebranded the site from Fotografia to FotoRoom. As you may know, this space was born to showcase the work of Italian photographers only, and expanded to have international scope only at a later time. We felt it was time to choose a name that reflected our global outreach, and the fact that we feature photographers from all over the world.

Amateur & Pro: the FotoRoom memberships.

With the FotoRoom reboot, we wanted to create some exclusive features for our loyal readers as opposed to the occasional visitor, so we’ve created two membership plans with special perks attached to them: Amateur (only €10/year) and Pro (only €20/year).

FotoCal—our popular monthly lists of photography awards, grants and open calls with approaching deadlines—is now available only to FotoRoom members, both Amateur and Pro. Also, only FotoRoom members will now receive our handy FotoCal reminders as part of our weekly newsletter. (You can find this September’s FotoCal here, by the way).

Big news: we’re happy to announce that we’ve decided to run our own program of open calls, the first one of which will launch this October (more on that soon!). Our calls will only be open to FotoRoom members, both Amateur and Pro.

One of the things we’ve worked on behind the scenes during these weeks was organizing every article in our three years worth archive by genre, style and theme. Clicking on the tags above the article’s main title will lead you to the archive pages displaying all projects relevant to that tag (i.e. all portrait-based projects, all projects about identity, all projects with a documentary approach, etc.). The archive pages are only available to Pro members.

Finally, here’s what we consider our one more thing: the heart button. Only available to Pro members, the heart button is provided both for full articles and single images—clicking it saves the article or image in your personal area, allowing you to create a custom collection of your favorite content and photographs on FotoRoom!

So, to recap:

Amateur Membership (only €10/year!): FotoCal + Open Calls
Pro Membership (only €20/year): FotoCal + Open Calls + Archive Pages + Heart Button

Cool, right? Become a FotoRoom member today! and @visitfotoroom

New name, new life, new home. Our site’s new address is; as far as social media go, look out for @visitfotoroom on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and just @fotoroom on Tumblr. If you’re already following us on any social platform, don’t worry: handles are changed automatically, so you don’t have to follow us again or something. But if you had our site or social pages in your bookmarks, those you have to update!

New design

We took the opportunity of this reboot to also refresh the look of our site. We gave the photographs much more emphasis by separating them from the interviews, with the goal of making FotoRoom a mixed format between a magazine and a virtual exhibition room (which explains our new name). Hope you like it!

Submissions are always open. 

One thing that won’t change is that we’re always eager to look at your works—please read here for instructions on how to submit.

Your opinion is oh-so important to us.

We want FotoRoom to be like you want it to be as much as possible. If you have any feedback about the site—both in terms of content and user experience—or ideas about how we could make it better, please share it with us: we appreciate good advice. And thank you for taking the time to write!


So this is all that is new so far—now it’s time to resume our regular programming. We hope you enjoy FotoRoom and would be thrilled to have your company as we progress through this new era for our platform!

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