© Vanessa Winship

© Vanessa Winship© Vanessa Winship

We have selected ten links to photography news / features from last week (22 – 29 June) that we liked the best. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter if you want to receive #fotoweb in your email inbox. Or maybe you want to suggest a link in the upcoming weeks? Include the #fotoweb hashtag in a tweet – we’ll keep track of it.

Vanessa Winship à la Fondation Mapfre
On L’Oeil de la Photographie, pictures by Vanessa Winship.

On The New Yorker, pictures by Nicola Lo Calzo (read our interview with Lo Calzo here)

Crisis in Greece and at Home
On NYT’s Lens, pictures by Nikos Pilos

Recreating the Dead
On Juxtapoz, pictures by Arne Svenson

The Toy Airplanes Indians Sacrifice When Praying for a Visa
On Wired, pictures by Rajesh Vora

We Said, ‘No Car Pictures’ 
On NPR, pictures by David Gilkey

Intriguing Photos of Cuba Show the Country in a New Light
On Featureshoot, pictures by Rose Marie Cromwell

CitiLegs – An Instagram Collection
On LensCulture, pictures by Stacey Baker

Oil Rush 
On Invisibile Photographer Asia, pictures by Debasish Shom

Orbit Aeterna
On Phases, pictures by Teo Ormond-Skeaping

And it was On the Beach week on Fotografia Magazine:

Day 1 – Fun portraits of unaware Lithuanian beach-goers

Day 2 – Vacationing in Piémanson, France’s Last Wild Beach

Day 3 – Macho Men, Topless Women and World-Class Freaks: Welcome to Barcelona’s Platja

Day 4 – The Beach During the Rest of the Year

Day 5 – Sweating It Out on Kiev’s Beach 

Day 6 – The Adventures of a Motorhome Along Portugal’s Coast

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