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Become a FotoRoom member (starts at €10/year!) and participate in our bi-monthly, themed, juried open calls, in either the ‘Single Image’ category (for Amateur members) or the ‘Series’ category (for Pro members).

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Photo Alexandra Serrano

Why should you enter FotoRoom’s open calls?

Entering awards and open calls is one of the best way photographers have to disseminate their personal work. But with our program of open calls, we’re trying to give more than just visibility: for every call, we invite a different photography organization to jury the submissions and offer the winning photographers a concrete opportunity to advance their careers. For instance, for our first and current ‘Family’ call we asked Francesca Genovese, the founder and director of Francesca Maffeo Gallery, to join as the juror: besides selecting the best entries, Francesca may offer the winning photographer ‘Print Room’ representation and promotion through her gallery (if the selected work matches the standards of her gallery).

How does a FotoRoom open call work?

We launch a new, themed open call every two months (that’s six every year). FotoRoom‘s Amateur members can only enter the ‘Single Image’ category (and submit a maximum of 3 images), while Pro members can participate with a full body of work in the ‘Series’ category. The winning entries in both categories will be featured on FotoRoom, but only the winner of the ‘Series’ category is eligible to win the potential award offered by the call’s jurors.

You can enter all the calls we launch for the duration of your membership: if for example you sign up as a Pro member, you pay €20/year and unlock all the six open calls we will launch in that year!

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