Making a photobook is an important milestone in any photographer’s career, so we’re very happy to announce that for the new #FotoRoomOPEN edition we’re bringing you the opportunity of publishing your project in book form! This is all possible thanks to Gnomic Book, a young and independent publisher who have agreed to collaborate with the winning photographer to make their work into a photobook. Read on for all the details, send your submission, and good luck!

The Juror — Gnomic Book

Gnomic Book is a recently established, independent photobook publisher founded by photographer Jason Koxvold. Based in New York, so far Gnomic Book have released three books: Knives and Y.W.R.A.A. by Jason Koxvold and You are Masters of the Fish and Birds and All the Animals by Shane Rocheleau; another two, Vreugdevuur Scheveningen by Romke Hoogwaerts and Half-Light by Shahrzad Darafsheh, are now available to pre-order; and three more are currently in the works.

The Opportunity — Have your work made into a photobook

Gnomic Book have offered the fantastic opportunity to make a limited edition photobook from the work of the next #FotoRoomOPEN winner, which will be printed in somewhere between 300 to 500 copies. The book will be available to buy internationally via Gnomic Book’s online site as well as in selected stores like The Photographers’ Gallery bookshop in London, Le Bal Books in Paris and Dashwood Books in New York.

The Caveat — Sourcing the funds to make the photobook

The winning photographer will be expected to cover the costs of printing their book, while Gnomic Book will take care of everything else (design, sales, distribution, etc.). As you may know, this is a quite common arrangement between photographers and publishers these days.

Fear not, though! In order to raise funds for the production of four of their current volumes, Gnomic Book have created three very polished Kickstarter campaigns which all achieved their goal (you can find them here, here, here and here). The same will be done for the winner’s photobook: a Kickstarter campaign will be created to source the necessary funds. We as FotoRoom promise that we’ll do our best to promote the campaign and help you and Gnomic Book reach your goal.

Who can participate, and in what categories

Only FotoRoom members can enter #FotoRoomOPEN | Gnomic Book Edition. Remember: signing up gives you access to not just one but all #FotoRoomOPEN calls that run while you’re a member (a new one opens every two months), on top of unlocking resources like our useful FotoCal. Become a member today!

Members can enter in two categories:

Single Image (open to both Amateur and Pro members);
Series (open to Pro members only). It’s currently not possible for Pro members to submit more than one series, but they can submit in both the Single Image and Series category.

Important notes — please read these!

#FotoRoomOPEN | Gnomic Book edition is open to all photographers, no matter what your age, gender or nationality is. The call has no theme: you’re free to submit any work regardless of subject, style or approach. Anything goes!

Please note that, as always, only the winner of the Series category is eligible for the opportunity offered by Gnomic Book. In the circumstance that the Gnomic Book team, at their exclusive discretion, did not deem any of the applications a good fit, the “prize” will remain unassigned. (All previous jurors had the same option, but luckily none of them ever had to use it!)

The winning entries in both the Single Image and Series category, as well as a selection of shortlisted submissions, will be published on FotoRoom.

Submission Guidelines

Entrants in the Single Image category should send a maximum of 3 images.

Entrants in the Series category should send a maximum of 10 images.

Images must be sent via WeTransfer to along with a text file that includes the following information about you:

1. Your full name
2. A short text, introduction or project statement.
3. A link to your portfolio website (if you have one)
4. An email address we can use if we need to get in contact
5. The email address you used to sign up as a FotoRoom member (in case it’s different from the contact email)

Copyright and Terms of Use

All submitted images must be in the sole ownership of the entrant and not infringe on the copyright of any other party; full ownership of the copyright for every submitted image remains with its author.

By submitting your images to #FotoRoomOPEN | Gnomic Book Edition you grant FotoRoom the possibility to use the submitted images—properly credited—on its website and social media with the exclusive purpose of promoting your work and the FotoRoom platform.

The Deadline

#FotoRoomOPEN | Gnomic Book edition will closes next 30 September 2018 at midnight (Central European Time). Winners will be announced in October 2018.

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