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After publishing our FotoCal lists every month for years to keep you posted on what opportunities you had to expose your work, we are very excited to announce our very own first, juried open call with the theme of ‘Family’. We hope to see some fantastic photographs and to bring the winners a concrete opportunity to advance their career through our partnership with Francesca Maffeo Gallery. Read on for all the details, and be sure to participate!

The Theme: Family

For our first call for submissions we chose a universal theme: Family. No restrictions apply in terms of the chosen photographic genre, style or approach, as long as the submitted works deal with the call’s theme.

You can participate in two categories: Single Image for single photographs, and Series for full projects.

The Juror: Francesca Genovese, director at Francesca Maffeo Gallery

Francesca Maffeo Gallery is an exciting new gallery established last year in Leigh-on-Sea, UK. Despite its recent opening, the gallery already represents a great selection of emerging photographers, including several that were formerly featured in FotoRoom (like Laura Pannack, Alexander Missen, Sophie Harris Taylor, Jordi Ruiz Cirera, etc.).

Since we seem to have similar tastes in photography, we invited Francesca Genovese, the gallery founder and director, as the juror for our Family call—thank you for accepting, Francesca!

The Prize: FotoRoom Feature + Print Room representation

Francesca will select a Best Single Image and a Best Series from all images submitted to the call. The selected works will then appear in FotoRoom. But it doesn’t stop there.

If Francesca, at her exclusive discretion, will deem the Best Series to meet the high standards of her gallery, she is ready to offer Print Room representation to the author of the series. The Print Room is a space at Francesca Maffeo Gallery where collectors are welcome to browse through the prints available to purchase: the potential winner of the contract would see his/her prints added to the Print Room. The contract also includes the creation of an artist’s dedicated page in both the Artists and Print Sales sections of the Francesca Maffeo Gallery website.

Please note that only the winner of the Best Series category is eligible for Print Room representation; and that the contract may not be assigned at all in the case that Francesca wouldn’t consider the winning work a good fit for Francesca Maffeo Gallery.

Who can participate

The call is only open to FotoRoom members. In particular, Amateur members can only enter the Single Image category, while Pro members can also enter the Series category.

Becoming a member (starts at €10/year!) gives you access to not only the present ‘Family’ call but to all other FotoRoom‘s calls that are opened while you’re a member. So for example if you became a member this January, you could enter any call we’ll launch until next January 2018 (we have plans to launch five calls in 2017).

FotoRoom membership also unlocks other exclusive features including access to FotoCal, our super helpful, monthly lists of photography awards, grants and open calls with approaching deadlines. Sign up today!

Submission guidelines

Image(s) should be sent via WeTransfer to calls (at) fotoroom .co (not .com with an ‘m’; just .co!). Horizontal image(s) must be sized at 1440px on the long side, while vertical image(s) must be 1440px on the short side.

If you’d like to participate in the Single Images category, you can send a maximum of 3 images. If instead you’d like to enter the Series category, you should send a selection of 10-15 images from the same project.

In both cases, please send along with the photographs, in the same WeTransfer download, a text file with the following information:

1. Your full name;
2. A link to your portfolio website (if you have one);
3. An email address we can use if we need to be in contact;
4. The email address you used to sign up as a FotoRoom member (in case it’s different from the contact email);
5. (Optional but recommended, especially for the Series category): a short text, introduction or project statement.

The deadline

The call closes next 28 February 2017 at 12AM.

Have questions? Feel free to ask. Good luck to all and we look forward to seeing your pictures!

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Photo Kentaro Takahashi

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