2016 was a big year for us: we’ve rebranded our platform to FotoRoom, improved the site’s layout, and launched the Amateur and Pro memberships to offer exclusive features to our most loyal readers. But as always, our main source of joy is the amount of great work that contemporary photographers from all around the world choose to showcase on FotoRoom, something which we’re very grateful to them for. In particular, this year we presented about 200 different works by as many artists—these are the ten that were most popular with our audience:

1. See China’s Brand-New, Empty Cities Waiting to Be Populated
Photos by Kai Caemmerer

Unborn Cities © Kai Caemmerer

2. Brilliant Photographs of Armenia Capture the Country’s State of Transition
Photos by Julien Lombardi

The Unfinished © Julien Lombardi

3. Too Black for Mexico — Cécile Smetana Photographs the Afro-Mexican Stigmatized for the Color of Their Skin
Photos by Cécile Smetana

Diaspora: Costa Chica © Cécile Smetana

4. Leah Edelman-Brier Confronts Her Fear of Becoming Like Her Mother in Brutally Honets Photos
Photos by Leah Edelma-Brier

Body Becoming © Leah Edelman-Brier

5. Owen Harvey Photographs the Mod and Skinhead Subcultures in the UK
Photos by Owen Harvey

Skinheads © Owen Harvey

6. Dark, Cryptic, Sometimes Gruesome — The Visual Epiphanies of Francesco Merlini
Photos by Francesco Merlini

Farang © Francesco Merlini

7. Fuck It — Michele Sibiloni Documents the Non-Stop Nightlife in Kampala, Uganda
Photos by Michele Sibiloni

Fuck It © Michele Sibiloni

8. Horses, Blankets and Balaclavas: Stunning Portraits of Lesotho’s Horsemen
Photos by Thom Pierce

The Horsemen of Semonkong © Thom Pierce

9. These Are the Faces of America’s Train Riders
Photos by Michael Joseph

Lost and Found © Michael Joseph

10. Ecstatic Photos of Religious Catholics Interrogate the Relationship between Physicality and Spirituality
Photos by Anna Shimshak

The Religious © Anna Shimshak

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